3 easy small assignments should take 2 3 hours

I put all 3 assignments together because they are quick and easy. I just have no time since I have a big project due tomorrow as well.

The first one is this one:

Globalization and the Role of Anthropology:

Now that you have an understanding of anthropological concepts and globalization, select a pressing concern related to globalization that you believe will be the most important in the coming years. Write an initial post of 100-200 words outlining the problem and how you believe anthropology and an anthropological perspective can play a role in the solution. Engage in meaningful dialogue with a minimum of two classmates for possible full credit.

The second one:

Who’s the Boss?

This is a discussion assignment. Uncivil behavior (including ad hominem attacks and harsh language) will result in a zero for the assignment or, in the event of an especially severe case, a failure of the course.

In every family, there are people who take the lead and through whom major decisions flow. In some families, it’s a mother or father, an uncle or a grandmother. Sometimes, when a parent becomes incapacitated, their children have to assume this leadership role.

For this assignment, start by drawing a small family tree on a scrap of paper. Then, consider some major decisions that your family have made. Who were major players in making the choice?

Then, once you have considered this, post something to this forum explaining who you chose and why you chose them. Once you have done that, read some of the other posts and comment on at least one noting similarities and differences between your families.

You will receive five points for your initial post and five points for your comment on another students post.

The third one:

I am sending an attachment for this on.

Don’t worry about replying to others. I will do that part once the assignments are done.