about culture in communications based on 4 articles

Please answer the following questions (see additional instructions below):

  1. Explain the influence of culture(s) on communication.
  2. Distinguish between attitudes, beliefs, and values and critically analyze different cultural value orientations
  3. (Showing an increased awareness of factors that contribute to some of our societal problems), discuss overt and covert cultural behaviors that manifest in the form of prejudice, discrimination, and ethnocentrism. (Include two specific examples, real or hypothetical.)
  4. Discuss how critical thinking failures lead to communication problems such as misunderstandings, inferior cultural identity, and discriminatory worldviews.
    (This Link (Links to an external site.) may help with this.)
  5. Discuss an experience from this semester you feel demonstrates your proficiency in effective intercultural communication skills.

Points are awarded based on completeness, correctness, coherence, clarity, and concision of answers (no max or minimum number of pages). Papers must be relatively free of punctuation and grammar errors. Please proofread carefully as any portion of an answer that doesn’t make sense will make the entire answer wrong.