african popular culture 4

The term-paper must be organized around the framework of the syllabus. In analyzing any topic, for instance, African soap operas, theater arts, dance styles, music genres (like Chimurenga), music videos, street art, visual arts, life style magazines, literary works, blog cultures, beauty pageants, media, stardom, demonstrate sophisticated understandings of the historical, cultural, political, ideological and aesthetic considerations which frame it. Studies of distinctive features of ‘African popular culture’, their interactions and exchanges with global popular cultures are, especially, encouraged. As such, concerted, interdisciplinary, scholarly frameworks for critically engaging the field are particularly encouraged.

The term paper must have a title, be written in the MLA format, show originality, demonstrate thorough mastery of pertinent issues, and include full bibliographical annotations, especially as plagiarism constitutes grounds for failing this course and, possibly, recommendations for further disciplinary action by the Academic Senate. All are advised to proofread and edit their paper thoroughly before submission.