AHS 7615 Wilmington University Wk 6 Faith Based Human Services Leaders Interviews

 select and interview two (2) different leaders from two (2) different religious faith communities (i.e. church, synagogue, mosque, para-church organization, organization with a faith-based mission, etc.) concerning the challenges and opportunities of providing human services to communities in need.

In your interview, please uncover the following issues (challenges and opportunities) that impact the faith community’s ability to carry out human services:

  • the major leadership issues (personal)
  • the major organizational issues (staff/volunteers)
  • the major management issues (governance/board/decision making)
  • the major financial capacity issues (funding)

Please integrate your findings into a 4 to 6 page narrative that discusses the content of your interview, and the challenges and opportunities in providing faith-based human services, from a leadership perspective.

Also, please provide:

  • the name and a brief biography of each leader that you interviewed.
  • the name of the faith community and demographic information about their organization/community.
  • at least three (3) recommendations for each leader to consider, using best-practices, to overcome the issues that impact their faith community’s ability to carry out human services.