annotated bibliography 683

For each of your five separate critical analyses of your sources for the Course Learning Outcomes listed above, complete the following:

  • Summarize each source’s thesis and/or main points in one paragraph.
  • Evaluate the relevance of the data used to support the thesis of the source.
  • Provide the formal APA reference entry for each source.
  • Briefly critique (as defined in Chapter 5) the accuracy, acceptability, strengths and weaknesses, and overall soundness of the article.
  • Explain, in one to two sentences, how each source supports your thesis and/or resolution.

Listed below is a summary of what I plan to discuss in my research paper, my thesis is listed below as well. Attached is a templated of the annotated bibliography and an example. I have already selected two sources I would like to use. I need three more scholarly sources. Please use the attached annotated bibliography to complete the assigment.

A controversy topic that has arisen over my years of being with Ashford University has been the correctional facilities in the United States and the unsatisfactory living conditions in which the inmates have to live and survive. I, myself have not been in the prison system but I do know a few people who have been in the jail and prison systems. These individuals knowing that I am a law enforcement officer have shared their experiences with me. I figured if I could lean an ear and listen and learn; I myself can one day begin to help change these situations. In my paper I would like to address the history of the prison and jail systems. I will explain why these systems are overpopulated and alternate ways to reduce this issue using alternate punishments. Alternate punishments will include rehabilitation, probations and house arrest with electronic monitoring. The next issue I will discuss is the correctional facilities in the United States and how they are not up to code. Insufficient medical treatment, lack of security while being under manned and increased gang violence will all be discussed as well.

Thesis Statement:

While an alternate way to reduce the over populated prisons are to try alternate punishments for inmates with less serve crimes such as rehabilitation, probations, house arrest with electronic monitoring, correctional facilities in the United States are not up to code and do not provide inmates with the basic necessities they should be afforded as human beings because correctional facilities are over populated, insufficient medical treat is being rendering, not including mental health treatment, and the lack of security being conducted helps to promote increase gang violence.