Are Intelligence Tests Unfairly Biased against Certain Groups?

General Psychology (PSYC 2300)                                                      Fall Semester 2020

Writing Assignment:  Review of specific topic of research in Psychology (summary review of focus on research)

Write a summary review of a topic of research (based on Thinking Critically feature section) and incorporate recent research literature in the discussion.

Choose one of the following Thinking Critically exercise in the textbook (Bernstein’s Essentials of Psychology.  6th ed./2014, or 7th ed./2018):

4.     Are Intelligence Tests Unfairly Biased against Certain Groups?

Ch. 7.  Thought, Language, and Intelligence (6th ed.:  p. 283 – 285; 7th ed.:  p. 275 – 276)

1.  Write a review and analysis essay, summarize and present the research and theoretical issues of the topic.  In writing this paper, you should first carefully read the particular Thinking Critically section and the relevant part of the chapter.  In your own words, write an analytical review and scholarly summary of the topic (major arguments, research studies and findings, theoretical discussion).  Do not copy directly from text, and do not present you paper using the format in the textbook (i.e., what am I being asked to believe and accept?  Can that evidence be interpreted another way?).

2.  In addition, you also need to select and read at least one scholarly, empirical research article on the topic/issue (e.g., recent research on the issue).  This can be done by using the Journal databases available through the library website (e.g., Science Direct, EBSCO, ProQuest).  Your paper should incorporate aspects of this research (e.g., with a descriptive paragraph).  Citation and reference (at the end of the paper) are required.

The paper should be at least 4 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font) but not more than 10 pages.