Customers Healthy Behaviors and Thinking Discussion Questions

1.Discuss the importance of using the MMPI-2-RF when assessing the   emotional status of a client. Can the MMPI-2-RF be useful in assessing   mental status as well? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to   support your position. 2.What are some strengths and challenges of Beck’s Depression Scale for   assessing emotional status? Do you feel that […]

FSU Screen Time and Social Skills Discussion

I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. You are on a research team interested in studying the effects of children’s screen time on particular aspects of their social skill development. What variables would you focus on? What research method and design would you use for […]

NCU Evaluation of Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Essay

National Attention to the Problem and Population Identify two programs related to your selected program or service that addresses your selected problem and use the format below to evaluate what efforts are being undertaken by other organizations across the country. Information regarding programs and resources for this assignment please visit Substance Abuse and Mental Health […]

PSYC 1001 MGSU Factors Influencing in Acquiring Language. Essay

What are the most influential factors in the successful acquisition of language in your opinion? a new topic related to the human mind will be focused on and discussed. You will need to select an outside, credible source/article which is relevant to this topic and then briefly summarize it along with adding your own perspectives/reflections […]

MDC Social Media Bringing Us Together or Pulling Us Apart Discussion

On Week 7, you will have to write the Argumentative Paper (Final Paper). Choose one of the following topics for that paper and follow the instructions below to write Discussion # 3. 1. Is Climate Change a Real Big Threat to the World?  2. Is Social Media Bringing Us Together or Pulling Us Apart? 3. […]

5102 NU Psychology Trends in AAMFT Code Violations Essay

Instructions Part 1 Research two different state licensing board disciplinary committee meeting minutes (preferably use the state where you plan on obtaining your license as well as one other state). Then, read through the licensing board’s meeting minutes and disciplinary minutes and analyze any trends in AAMFT Code violations you may notice in your state. […]

CU Psychology Social Media Applications to Consider Presentation

Preparation If you haven’t already done so, choose a topic area, a social media application, and a psychological principle from the Applications of Social Media Presentation Topics [DOCX] Download Applications of Social Media Presentation Topics [DOCX]document. Please note that you need to select a different topic from your Week 2 paper so that you are […]

Post University Stages of Change Theoretical Concepts Psychology Discussion

Paper Topics: Option Theory 1 Theory 2 1 Stages of Change Motivational Enhancement/Interviewing 2 Solution Focused Reality Therapy 3 Matrix Model Solution Focused 4 Cognitive Behavioral Solution Focused 5 Matrix Model Cognitive Behavioral NOTE: You cannot resubmit any previously written information on your WA #1 when turning in WA #2. This is not allowable and […]