Cleveland State University Long Term Care Administration Case Study

You are a program analyst at the American Association of Elderly Citizens  (AAEC), a national association in Washington D.C.  The association supports consumers by publishing articles pertaining to issues that impact the elderly population in the United States.  You were asked by your manager to conduct some research and write an internal memo that will be used by writers for the association’s journal, Elder Care.  You were asked to research characteristics of the US population, ages 65 to 95+ years of age. Carve out three age groups spanning from age 65 to 95+. Create a chart that includes the following data points: health, education, marital status and housing.  (Tip: start by using the US Census Bureau Statistics).  Conduct additional research to understand how this data impacts the likely expectations of these three groups in long term care and community care practices.  For each age group, describe the environment that they would be more likely to prefer. Provide details and support your conclusions with your research.