Consider the replies as professional communications by the Christian statesman

Discussion Board Forum Instructions

Purpose & Procedure

The discussion board’s purpose is to contribute to the community of scholarly learning and to do so as a Christian statesman. You will participate in 3 Discussion Board Forums with your classmates in this course which will consist of 1 thread and 3 replies.

· For the 3 replies– Select 3 of your classmates’ threads, compose a reply to each thread and post the reply to that thread. Each reply should interact with that student’s points as they relate to the prompt. Both responding to other students and responding to the instructor will count as 1 reply post. Each of your 3 replies must be unique. Avoid repeating what you said in the thread or what you said in a previous reply.

Consider the replies as professional communications by the Christian statesman. As such, they must

· be substantive, contemplative, and well-reasoned rather than merely reflective or opinionated.

· demonstrate a mastery of the reading assignments as they relate to the prompt.

·  350–500 words for each reply).

· provide a minimum amount of support from the course materials (at least 3 citations from course materials for the thread; at least 1 citation from course materials for each reply).

· provide at least 1 Scripture reference (where applicable).

· demonstrate care in the proper citation of sources.

· relate issues to Scripture, biblical principles, and pertinent personal experience.