contingency plan and executive presentation 1

Assignment Content

  1. Project plans outline the intended course of events; however, things don’t always happen as intended. Organizations need to consider risks and develop a contingency plan. This plan is typically presented to management.

    Add the following 2 columns to the project plan table you created in Wk 4 – Apply: Project Plan:

    • Potential Risk Factors
    • Contingency Plans

    Based on your prior research, determinepotential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives. Developa contingency plan for each of the potential risks. Addthe potential risks and contingency plan to your Wk 4 – Apply: Project Plan.

    Use Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi® , or another software to create a 12- to 14-slide executive presentation—with appropriate images and diagrams—that summarizes the following information:

    • The organization’s information presented in Wk 1
    • SWOT analysis and market trend research
    • Project objectives
    • Explain how success will be measured.
    • Explain the value this project will bring to the organization.
    • Project metrics
    • Timelines
    • Responsible parties
    • Potential risk factors
    • Contingency plans

    Include detailed speaker notes within the presentation. Convert the speaker notes to a Microsoft Word document and add it to the citations slide.

    Cite all sources following APA guidelines.

    You will submit 2 different deliverables:

    • Updated project plan with potential risk factors and a contingency plan
    • Executive presentation with detailed speaker notes as a Word document within the presentation