Cultural Anthropology SSC-327-

Continue exploring the cultural group you selected in papers 1, 2 and 3. In Paper 4, you will be exploring art, play and leisure for the same cultural group you selected. Your paper must answer the following: 1. Provide a title to your paper; the title must include the name of the cultural group selected. 2. Research the selected cultural group’s art (you can pick from ONE of the following: music, painting, crafts, or dance).     • Which type of art did you pick and why?     • What are some of the characteristic of the form of art you picked for your selected cultural group?     • How is your selected group’s culture expressed in this type of art? 3. Research play and leisure for you selected cultural group.     • How does the cultural group you selected spend free time (leisure)?     • What are some of the forms of entertainment (games, fun activities) your cultural group does? Describe one.     • How is culture reflected in those play and leisure activities? Remember to mention any differences in these activities by gender, age or other microculture. 4. How is art, play and leisure in your selected group changing (or is being changed) through globalization? 5. How can anthropologists work to help this population preserve some of these practices?

Include citations from the Miller textbook and a minimum of one NEW peer reviewed journal article within the last 10 years (the articles from the previous assignments are not enough). Remember to write in your own words by interpreting what you read and citing the source. Avoid long direct quotes. Avoid plagiarism by always citing your sources. Short paper format: All short papers should have a title, an introduction, a conclusion and a References Cited page. All papers in the course must be:     • 2-4 pages     • typed     • doubled spaced     • font size 12     • written with proper grammar and syntax     • in American Sociological Association (ASA) citation and references style.