essay about the un goals in miami formulate a solution

Essay 3: Synthesis and Proposal

We have analyzed various social issues this semester to better understand our current world. For this essay, you will use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to identify and focus on a “local” problem that you want to solve. You will formulate your solution by researching, synthesizing, and critiquing two differing opinions about your issue. The essay will conclude with a proposal of 2-3 steps your audience can take to solve the issue.

Essay Blueprint:


  • Focus on only one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Your local issue must be situated in Miami-Dade County.
    • Best strategy: focus on the Padron campus or Little Havana neighborhood.
  • Choose an issue that you can reasonably research and solve in your essay.
  • Find outside sources from the research databases or links provided by your professor.
  • Formulate a solution that is feasible based on cost, labor, and cultural obstacles.
  • Use the STAR method to ensure your solution is credible and rational (pg. 280).
  • Be the hero of your essay! Your voice should be heard the loudest in this work.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • All essays must conform to the academic writing rules and format of the genre to be accepted for grading.
  • Your essay must use:
    • 12-point font size
    • Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced paragraphs
    • Proper heading and page numbers
    • 1-inch margins
  • Be sure to spellcheck and proofread your work to ensure credibility.
  • Rough drafts will be one to 2-3 pages in length; Final drafts will be 4-5 pages in length.
  • Any draft that is submitted late will incur a half-letter grade deduction for every class day the assignment is late.
    • See your syllabus for deadlines and dropbox locations.
  • Cover the required length and matter of the essay.
  • Outside sources cannot be reference texts such as Wikipedia, Reddit,, etc.
  • Locate and utilize credible sources to formulate your essay’s proposal.
  • You must use MLA format when citing evidence/quotes in your work.
  • Your sources need to be listed correctly in an MLA Works Cited Page.
  • Consider the reader’s needs when writing your work.
  • See the grading rubric for further instructions on how to write an effective essay