exploring an art museum 1

Refer to the required videos as examples of how to interpret works of art.

Discussion 1:

Discuss the categories at the musuems, try to name 3 different types of categories. Choose a work of art from one of the museums. Discuss it and share a link to the work. Discuss an everyday item you might see in a museum someday.

Explore the National Gallery Virtual Tour (Links to an external site.) or Panoramas | Musée du Louvre (Links to an external site.). As you investigate the museum using the virtual tour, you can learn more about the individual art works by clicking on each individual work and then by clicking on “more” or “more information.” As you explore, reflect on the items below, and share your answers within your discussion post.

  • We often envision a painting when we think of art, though there are many different forms and categories of art. Based on your reading of “Introduction: What Is Art History?” from your textbook, identify the various categories of art on exhibit at this museum.
  • Share an example of one work of art, including the category of the art work, that you found particularly interesting and share your initial interpretation and reaction to it. Include the URL to the work of art in your post as well as the reference entry for the work of art.

Some works of art may be as simple as a gold coin with the face of a prominent leader from historical times, as explained in your textbook (Kleiner, 2017). Identify an item you are exposed to or use daily, other than a coin that might someday be perceived as art. Explain why this might someday appear in a museum.

Your initial post must be at least 200 words in length with a TURNITIN Score below 12%


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Norman, J. (1970). How to look at art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 28(5), 191-201. doi:10.2307/3258480