final paper related to humanitarian and international disaster management

The final paper needs to be a minimum of 15 pages (not including title page, abstract and references), in APA 6th edition format. Topics need to be submitted for instructor approval by the end of week 3. This is the opportunity to delve into a topical area addressed in the course and develop an in-depth understanding of the situation. Students can pick either a contemporary or ongoing disaster or one well described in the literature. Topics to discuss can include How is the disaster cycle used? What management model was applied? Discuss disaster management models, logistics, political and capacity related topics as applicable.

My Topic:

The Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

Important notes:

Please find reliable scholar resources to do the paper, it must be more than 10 resources.

More importantly Use proper APA format for in-line citation for every sentence and references

– You must deeply talk about the humanitarian organizations that provided assistance THE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN SYRIA , and also the organization that should have provided help for the victims.

– Also try to include the following:

Security issues if there are some

Public health issues for the Syrian refugee camp if there were some happened

How can the disaster management improve in the future.

More importantly, use Grammarly in your writing