rug Name-identify generic and trade name (1 or 2 commonly known trade names) Furosemide a. Pharmacology class (how the drug works) b. Therapeutic class (how is it useful for the indicated condition) – c. Pregnancy-Lactation-Reproduction (brief one to two statements on if contraindicated or if can be taken with caution, and add maternal condition in which benefits outweigh risks) d. Recommended Safe Dose Ranges (this information is required for drugs used in pediatric patients) e. Nursing considerations for implementation (this includes if administering i push: what three factors must be considered, special circumstances such as the medication should not be given through two routes) Assessments conducted prior to administration (be specific, if labs to assess then note values and significance of values such as hold medication if…or notify HCP I…) Assessments/reassessments following administration (to identify if the medication is working or to identify a problem. Focus in on side effects that are life threatening on the effects of the drug on major organs & side effects that are the opposite of intended therapy, include important patient teaching such as what to notify you for) Su20/sm