genetics biology

Choose one of the genetic disorders listed below. Answer the following questions concerning your chosen disorders in paragraph form. Use your textbook plus at least one other credible source. Please type in Times New Roman with a font of 12, double spaced. Your paper should be no less than one page but do not exceed two pages of written material. Include your properly cited sources using MLA. This will count as one quiz grade.


Marfan syndrome Camptodactyly Albinism

Cystic fibrosis Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome Galactosemia

Sickle-cell anemia Phenylketonuria Achondroplasia

Huntington Disorder Polydactyly Progeria

Neurofibromatosis Colorblindness Fragile X syndrome

Hemophilia Muscular dystrophies X-linked anhidrotic dysplasia

Down syndrome Turner syndrome Klinefelter syndrome

XXX syndrome XYY condition Cri-du-chat syndrome

Questions to consider:

  1. Define the disorder. What systems of the body does it affect?
  2. How is the disorder genetically inherited? Mother? Father? Random?
  3. Is a certain population more effected by the disorder?
  4. What is the treatment for the disorder?
  5. Is there a cure for the disorder?
  6. Please include any other pertinent information that you come across in your research.