HPA 430 PSU Leadership Development Mission Vision and Career Goals Statement Essay

Part 1

Leadership positions in health care are extremely demanding. We’ve discussed some aspects of the challenge of leadership in health care in the text. From some of these initial discussions and experiences, I hope you’ve started to look deeply into your core values. So, this is your opportunity to put in writing what those values are and why they lead you to the path of health care leadership. Write a 1 page essay ( doubled space)  explaining why you want to be a health care leader. At the end of your essay describe personal mission and vision statements for your career in health care.

Part 2

For this part of the assignment, you should identify goals for your personal and career life for at least two time periods (eg., 1 and 3 year goals or 2 and 4 year goals or 1 and 5 year goals, etc.). Your goals should be “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time oriented (for details on what these criteria mean, make sure you review this information:https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/smart-goal…

You should identify at least 1 goals for each of the two time periods for both personal and professional areas (so that is 2 goals–1 personal and 1 professional by 2 time periods or 4 goals in all). Personal goals may relate to your plans for where you want to live, family plans, plans for hobbies or other outside work interests, etc. For each goal, you should include a sentence or two explaining why this goal is important or meaningful for your current or future personal or career development.

 i’m majoring in health administration and also currently reside in Springfield, Virginia incase if you need that info. I also like to work in a small to medium size healthcare facilitily when im done with my major