international political economy 2

Question 1:

How do the three conceptions of the international political economy (Realism, Liberalism, Marxism) differ? How would the advocates of each assess the phenomenon of global integration?

1 page – All sources must be cited in Turabian format.

Question 2:

Which is the most persuasive in explaining the global economy?

In light of everything you’ve learned in this course, what is your informed–and cautious–prediction regarding the future of the global economy?
– For instance, will the US be able to continue to act as the ultimate guarantor of global free trade and openness?
– What will be the consequence of the global debt crisis?
– Will the never ending growth model of our current capitalist system clash with the impending threat of climate change?

All sources must be cited in Turabian format.

Question 3:

The debate about the pacifying effects of democracy on international politics has been ongoing for the last several decades, fueled by the absence of major warfare between the democratic states of Western Europe in the post-WW II era. Given what you know about the causal arguments behind the Democratic Peace Theory (DPT), and the empirical evidence in support of the theory, do you believe that we should see a decline in international warfare in the Middle East? Why, or why not?

All sources must be cited in Turabian format.