. Transformative leadership: My approach and positionality

Individual Reflection paper—two pages 

This assignment takes the form of a two-page double spaced page essay

• The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to review and recap your critical

thinking and personal feelings about social work leadership & teamwork over the course.

• Write in the first person and write personally

• In your essay you must address the following (though you may address additional relevant


A. Transformative leadership: My approach and positionality

– Describe your own approach to transformative, participatory & effective leadership –

You must cite course material in your description

– Discuss the connection between being a transformative leader and your positionality.

Include at least 3 social identities (at least one must be one of power and privilege) –

How do these characteristics inform your decision making?

– How might your positionality influence how others (colleagues, community members

etc.) react to you as a leader?

B. Growth in leadership in AIP with Organizations & Communities

– Identify two strengths and two challenges you experienced working with your group.

– How did you address them?

– What did you learn about yourself (include a discussion of your learning edges)?

– How can use best practices from the group process to inform your leadership and

improve culturally responsive practice in the field?