Twofold project

I’m working on a sociology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1.    Locate 5 social services organizations in your immediate physical area.
2.    Identify the community each organization serves. For example, does this organization serve homeless LGBTQIA youth, sexual assault survivors, those who are food insecure, re-entering formerly incarcerated people, those with mental illnesses?
3.    Identify and discuss what types of services each organization provides for the community they serve.
4.    Discuss the institutional and structural issues addressed at each location.
5.    Create an analytical summary of your findings using key concepts from the text, PowerPoint lectures, and supplemental materials.
              a.    Consider whether the organization is addressing micro, macro, or both types of issues.
              b.    Analyze the websites, information provided, and any challenges you can identify (often these are non-profit and in need of funding).
              c.    Describe what you learned about this type of inequality in your area.

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