wk 4 apply project tasks amp plan

Assignment Content

  1. A project task list is based on research and organizational objectives.

    Use the provided
    Project Plan template to
    create a project plan task list that outlines the operational steps needed to meet each project objective determined in Wk 3 – Apply: Project Metrics.

    As an example, you may have chosen to make a flying car for Tesla as an objective. You may want to accomplish that in 2 years as a metric. Come up with some general tasks that you might need to put in place to meet that objective.Example: Achieve design of the new vehicle through the use of engineers and CAD equipment Goal Date: 10 months (add a date on this from today’s date)

    Look at your other objectives from last week and create an example for each one. The template also has another example completed for you.

    • Use the textbook and other available resources to fill in the appropriate content.
    • Summarize the justification for your project plan.
    • Cite all sources following APA guidelines.