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Please choose one of the three questions below. Prior to posting, please review the Lesson 8 Module in the content area. Remember all posts must consist of at least two paragraphs that are 4-5 sentences each. Failure to follow instructions will result in a 0. In addition, when posting, click on weekly discussion topic and click “create thread”. Finally, in order to receive full credit, you must respond to one other student posts. Responses should be thoughtful and insightful. Comments like “I agree” will not count. Please be advised that this week is a combined discussion due to the nature of the questions. These questions will require you to do some research, and critically analyze the information you obtain. I expect thought-provoking responses. Be sure to provide a works cited of the information you obtained in your post. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO EXPLORE THE ISSUE IN DEPTH AND DO NOT JUST POST SUPERFICIAL INFORMATION.

  1. The United States’ relationship with Mexico has always been a complex one. However, with the election of President Trump, the relationship has grown even more complex. Investigate the current state of U.S.-Mexico relations, the nature of the current negotiations, and identify what the two nations are looking to achieve as it relates to the current negotiations.
  2. The meeting between President trump and Kim Jong Un will be historic. How has this meeting deviated from past U.S. policy? What are the motives of both countries, and what does each country want? Will the talks be successful? Why or why not?
  3. Many American Presidential administrations have attempted a peace deal between Israel and Palestine considered the holy grail of diplomacy, yet all administrations have failed to secure a peace agreement between the two nations. Why has the Israeli Palestinian conflict been so difficult to successfully resolve? What are some of the major roadblocks in achieving a peaceful resolution? President Trump has taken an aggressive approach in trying to secure a peace deal. Will this time be any different from previous attempts? Why or why not?

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