1) African American / PoC Struggle for Equality

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Write a critical response essay to engage from a historical perspective one recent development in the United States with local and global implications. To prepare your essay, 1) choose one of the two topics outlined below, 2) evaluate recent news coverage on that topic, and 3) select three credible reports that enable you to draw comparisons between historical and current developments.

1) African American / PoC Struggle for Equality

Several events in recent months have rekindled a debate on racial equality and fueled political activism. How do these efforts connect to the Civil Rights movement of the late 1950s and early 1960s? What continuities or differences are apparent? How do current initiatives and debates on the matter at the national level impact local communities and global perceptions of the US?

2) Polarization in American Society

The national discourse has grown heated and intense lately. Different groups in society and politics interact with each other in increasingly aggravated manners. Is this a new phenomenon (for instance as result of social media etc.) or the latest stage in a historical trend? How do deepening divides impact local communities, the nation itself, and perceptions of the US as a global power?

Write a 400- to 500-word response essay. Make sure that your essay has an introduction with a thesis statement, (short) thematic body paragraphs, and a very brief conclusion. Cite three credible (demonstrate that you can tell substantiated from questionable) news reports in your explanation of current events with footnotes and a bibliography. The Chicago Manual of Style Sheet (Links to an external site.) provides advice on how to cite online news articles (under “News or magazine article”). State the subject of your essay in the title.

Submit your essay as a .docx or .pdf file .