MRU Difference of Exploratory & Confirmatory Analysis Discussion

Discuss the Difference Between an Exploratory Analysis and a Confirmatory ? Class: Advanced Nursing Inquiry and Evidence Based practice. APA Style 250-word minimum At least 1 reference (the course textbook does not count as a reference) Must address topic References included Sites from: org, or edu only No plariagism Thank You so much in advanced.

NUR799 Capella Preoperative Education Using One-On-One Counseling Peer Review

Each student is to review the submission of at least one peer and provide detailed feedback regarding the content, organization, writing clarity, grammar, spelling, and APA format. The comments are to be returned to the peer by 12 Midnight on Sunday. I encourage students to use “track changes” and “insert comments” tools to provide the […]

Health in Global Community Discussion

1. Describe globalization and international patterns of health and disease. 2. Identify international health care organizations and how they collaborate to improve global nursing and health care. 3. Identify and discuss the major indicators of women’s health. 4. Identify and discuss the barriers to adequate health care for women. As stated in the syllabus present […]

Diagnosis of Cancer Methods to Lessen Physical & Psychological Effects Paper

Please respond to the following post. add citations and references. Write a paper (1,250-1,750 words) describing the approach to care of cancer. In addition, include the following in your paper: Describe the diagnosis and staging of cancer. Describe at least three complications of cancer, the side effects of treatment, and methods to lessen physical and […]

Difference Between Exploratory and Confirmatory Data Analysis Paper

Difference between Exploratory data analysis and Confirmatory data analysis. 250 minimum words APA style One scholar article with reference and in text citation included.

Positive Health Outcomes for Elders Ethical Reflection Paper

Healthcare professionals’ beliefs about the proper treatment of elders falls along a continuum from discounting elders’ personal quality-of-life judgments to believing only curing disease and being successful in eliminating physical suffering are worthwhile goals. Provide examples of nurses’ opportunities to act as patient advocates in relation to this continuum. 300 words, APA, include: ethical principles- […]

NRBS4360 Medgar Evers College Managing Costs and Budgets Case Discussion

Read the following case studies then read the following chapters answering the questions while referencing to the chapters. I WILL UPLOAD THE CASE STUDIES ALONG WITH THE CHAPTERS. (Textbook-Yoder-Wise, 6th edition) Instructions: Read assigned Chapters 12, 14, & 15.Answer all the questions below related to each chapter assigned. Submit your response in a designated “drop […]

Please respond to the following question.

Please respond to the following question with a long paragraph. add citations and references. What is the impact to the nursing profession and to the public related to the projected nursing shortage? Discuss at least one way that the nursing profession is working toward a resolution of this problem.

Testing a Pain Self Management Intervention Article Summary Paper

I need an explanation for this Nursing question to help me study. Pick one of the following topics and find a scholarly nursing journal article (published within the last five years) that discusses this nursing topic.  THE TOPICS ARE: ? SAFETY  ? DELEGATION ? PRIORITIZATION ? CARING After you find a scholarly nursing journal article […]

Economic Political Legal And Ethical Impact Of Affordable Care Act

Identify the impact economics, political, legal and ethical that Affordable Care Act had on the development of that policy. APA required. At least 250 words. At least 2 references within 5 years and at least 1 reference from course textbook. Textbook Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare, 7th edition. Mason, D.J., Gardner D. , […]