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SOC 347 SJU World Systems Theory Essay

1. Marx and Engels. What is historical materialism as a means to understand social change for Marx and Engels? What is the main source of conflict? What is alienation and what three things are we alienated from? What would be the ideal type of society and its characteristics? 2. Race. Why is DuBois’s work considered part of the conflict theory perspective? What is double consciousness? Why does it exist? How does critical race theory explain conflict in the social world? 3. Gender. How does Gilman use the horse as a metaphor? Explain Smith’s standpoint theory. Explain Collins’ use of intersectionality.  4. Weber. What is the main theoretical argument about the effects of modernity on the social world and on the individual, as made by Weber? [In your response, be sure to discuss rationalization and the “iron cage.”]  5. Critical Theory/Frankfurt School. What is the main argument about modernity made by the Frankfurt School’s (Critical Theory) theorists? How does their work draw on both Weber’s and Marx’s theories? 6. Define and discuss Bourdieu’s theory of habitus as an attempt to overcome the structure-agency “false” dichotomy; i.e., how are social structure and action interrelated for Bourdieu? What is the relationship between habitus and class? How does the social world get reproduced, according to Bourdieu? 7. Discuss how world-systems theory explains the operation of the modern world-system. Include a discussion of the characteristics of the core-, semi-periphery, and periphery. How is world-systems theory an extension of Marx’s thought?

UCR Perspective on Social Dominance and Conflict Question

Sociology 169: Paper #1 is due by 5pm on Friday, 4/28 Length: 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced 12-point font Explain the main assumptions of C.W. Mills’ power-elite theory and his arguments about which social groups dominate U.S. society and how. Explain how Mills’ assumptions relate to the main assumptions of conflict theories generally and Max Weber’s […]

AMU Organizational Change and Development Discussion

Discuss the main features of the evolutionary model and revolutionary model in organizational studies as well as explain when each model would be used by a supervisor or manager.  As discussed in chapter 18 of the textbook, planned organizational change can follow either the evolutionary model or the revolutionary model of change. Discuss the main […]

The Incredible Chemistry Powering Your Smartphone Essay

I need it written it’s about the TED talk by cathy mulzer the incredible chemistry powering your smartphones  So they essay is a rhetorical appeals ( logos, ethos, pathos) about a TED talk by cathy mulzer the chemistry powering your smartphones  The Ted talk must be watched in order to do the essay  Identifying the […]

Course Reflection

I’m stuck on a Sociology question and need an explanation. Write a reflective journal response based on your learning so far in the course  as well as your goals for future professional positions: How has your understanding of infant and toddler environments changed as a result of taking this course? How do you see this […]

UCR Connections Between Race Gender Language and Disability Regarding Power and Inequity

Questions that could guide these assignments are:  Was there something in the readings, course materials, or films that you had never considered?  Are there ideas you agree/disagree with (make sure to base this on evidence and not opinion or emotion)?  How have these ideas deepened, challenged or changed your understandings of inequity?   Did any of the ideas presented help to frame experiences you have observed in schools?

UCLA Game Changers Play Report

Step one of this mini-term is to choose a play to read, based on whatever your interests are! Plays on the curated list are sorted by a general topic tag (some appear in more than one tag!) If you don’t see anything that interests you, OR you feel more adventurous and want to see what […]