1 describe your country s constitution when was it written does your country have a long history with different constitutions are there rights or liberties guaranteed by the constitution similar to the u s bill of rights is there a notable right o

1. Describe your country’s Constitution. When was it written? Does your country have a long history with different Constitutions? Are there rights or liberties guaranteed by the Constitution similar to the U.S. Bill of Rights? Is there a notable right or liberty within your country’s Constitution that we don’thave in the U.S.? All countries have official government websites where you can access their current Constitution (including in English)

2. Does your country have a federal system or a unitary system? Who serves as head of state and/or head of government? Is there a Prime Minister, a President, a monarch, or both? Are there separate branches of government with different roles?

3. How Democratic is your country? How does it score on any of the democracy studies you can find online? Identify some problem that your country faces, maybe in regards to Human Rights, Civil Rights, Economic Rights, Crime/Corruption, etc. Depending on whether your country is ranked very high among democracies or more in the middle section or is listed as a “illiberal” democracy, identify some reasons why that is the case.

4. What in your view would improve democratization? Identify a major political, economic or social problem existing in your country that may be hampering it’s democratic standing. What do you think the government should improve upon to address this problem, and why do you think this issue is so important to address?