1 i need 1 reply for theses questions that are related to the topic analysis of public relations strategies in political campaigns 2 post a summary analysis of your social media selection from week 4

#1) I need 1 reply for theses questions below. It doesn’t have to be 100 or 200 words. Just answer the questions and that set. These questions are related to the topic: “Analysis of Public Relations Strategies in Political Campaigns”

#2) “For your answer post, provide a summary of your social media selection and findings. Defend why your social media selection should be used. Provide your rationale for either why your team should use your social media selection OR why you feel it is not a good choice, based on the research and analysis you conducted in week 4.”

Your answer should be a minimum of 400 words, 2, 3 sources, in APA format, and should meet professional standards in content and writing style.

Please, check out the 2 files that I uploaded for additional information and instructions.