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Five Themes of Geography:

  • Location

  • Place

  • Movement

  • Region

  • Human-Environment Interaction

    Let’s apply the Five Themes of Geography to what we’ve
    learned about the Persian Empire. You will write a journal entry
    responding to ALL of the following prompts:

  • In the introduction of this lesson, we learned about
    the Aryans. These people migrated from their homeland and settled in
    different parts of the world. Which of the Five Themes can you apply to
    this topic? Explain why you chose this theme.

  • Review the map on page 12 of this lesson. When we
    look at maps, two themes are easy to consider. Which theme(s) come to mind? Explain
    why you chose this theme(s).

  • We learned that when Cyrus II conquered Babylonia in
    539 BCE he freed the captive Jews. This was an unusual characteristic for
    a leader who was conquering neighboring lands and set the standard for the
    actions of the people of Persia during the rule of Cyrus II. This human
    characteristic can be related to which theme? Explain why you chose this

  • We learned that King Darius built the great ceremonial
    city of Parsa, or Persepolis. Which of the Five Themes can you apply
    to this information? Explain why you chose this theme.

    Organize your responses to each prompt into a journal
    entry and follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment. Use
    the journal rubric for reference.

    Click here to download
    the journal rubric.