10 questions on deutsche bank

attached is the article that would need to be read. the following questions would need to be answered

1) What was the investment that Deutsche Bank AG (DB) made in the subject article, and when did it make the investment? (10)

2) On the surface, what might one observe about some of the sponsors of the projects in the portfolio? (5)

3) What additional “protection” did DB purchase concerning its investment? Provide details: What type, from whom, and for how much? (15)

4) What was the purpose of the “bad bank”, and what did it contain? (10)

5) Along the way, DB raised additional capital. How might the state (condition) of the subject investment impact the fund-raising process? Be as specific and detailed as possible. (25)

6) When did DB finally exit the investment? What happened to the “protection” DB purchased? (10)

7) Do you agree with how the CEO’s position was ultimately handled? Why or why not? (10)

8) Conclude with your summarization of DB’s actions (5), their possible effect on others/the public (5), and any advice you would have given the bank (5). (Total: 15)