2 activities 2 page each and 3 discussion questions

Activity 1

Research the relationship between drug use and delinquency of the findings of three professional sources written within the last three to five years. (2) Page min

Activity 2

Select and research one of the programs discussed in the text write a 2 page min. Support your research with one professional source written within the last three to five years.

Discussion Questions

1. There are those that make the argument that one of our most vulnerable areas to terrorism is the ports. Vast quantities of our goods for commerce enter the country this way. Each day, huge amounts of freight enter and leaves through our ports of entry. There are so many shipping containers that come and go on a daily basis that it is staggering to think of checking each one. However, a noteworthy worry is that terrorists will find a way to smuggle a nuclear weapon through a shipping container via our ports of entry. Given that it is not feasible to check each container and keep freight moving, how can we make sure that the ports are safe and that which comes in an out of the country this way is not a threat? Please answer this question in 2 paragraphs.

2.Although estimates of crime are not perfect, rates of property crime are often close to accurate. Discuss why property crimes are more likely to be reported than other types of crimes. Include at least one reason why other types of crimes are less likely to be reported than property crimes.

3.Studies indicate that 1 in 10 Americans will lose a loved one as the result of a homicide. As you have learned in your readings, many people can be affected by the loss of one individual. Scholars suggest that 3-10 people per homicide can develop physical or mental health problems as well as financial instability as the result of the loss of a loved one. Explain the issues a loved one may develop due to the loss of a family member or friend? Do you believe that these co-victims are entitled to any victim compensation or restitution? Please explain your stance.