2 discussions 12

Discussion 1: (fixing the system)

this is the video that you have to watch


After watching this week’s video (it’s about an hour long, but it’s worth it!), answer the following questions:

1. Choose 3 of the inmates we meet in this video to discuss. What was their crime and what was their sentence? did the sentence seen to fit the crime? What did we learn about their background, family, time in prison, etc?

2. What did Michael Wood, a Baltimore police officer, have to say about what it took to the be the “best squad in the city?”

3. Former President Obama, while still president, was the first sitting president to do what? Why did he decide to do it?

4. Discuss President Obama’s discussion with the inmates. Describe your impression of the discussion, the inmates he spoke with, their stories, etc.

5. What is the federal guilty plea rate? Why is the increase significant?

6. Tell us one thing that you learned from this Vice documentary.

Discussion 2: Corrections

What is the biggest challenge in relation to multiculturalism/diversity in prison populations? You can start your research on page 334 of the book, and also look for outside resources to support your opinion. Remember that your first post needs to be at least 8 sentences, and cite your sources.

Then respond to another student who chose to discuss a challenge different than yours. This post needs to be at least 4 substantive sentences.