2 part draft on results and discussion

Part 1 Draft of Results Section:

After completion of your data collection, you will now submit a Draft of the Results section of your Applied Project. There are two distinct parts to the Results Section. Please follow the instructions given below for completing your Draft of Results

Section 1: The first part is a report of the result data collected.

Data will be reported in 2 ways:

1.) In a line graph which is a continuation of the graph utilized to report your baseline data and

2.) In narrative form. The graph may be embedded within the Applied Project, or included as an appendix at the end. The narrative report is simply a report of the data in sentence form.

Section 2: Write the second part of the Draft of Results Section of your Applied Project.

In this section, a brief analysis of the results is provided. This analysis should describe what the data mean and report any trends seen in the total set of data. At this point, the intervention data should be compared to the baseline data and any changes or trends should be highlighted and noted. This section seeks to answer the question of whether your intervention accomplished the full change set forth in your Target Behavior.

This section of your Applied Project should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs in length.

Part 2 Draft of Discussion Section

The Discussion Section is the overview of the findings and the summary of your Applied Project. For this assignment, you will write the Discussion Section of your applied project.

To complete this portion of your project, use the following steps to write the Discussion Section of your Applied Project:

Step 1: Describe how outcomes of intervention are clearly tied back to results from previous literature and any implications results have for the classroom context.

Step 2: Overall implications of intervention should also be discussed.

Step 3: Recommend next steps and acknowledge any limitations that are presented.

Step 4: Conclusion Section (1-2 paragraphs) should provide a reflection of the process that demonstrates understanding of intervention process as well as developmentally appropriate practice.