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1. Visit the Web site for the Society for I/O Psychology (linked in the Resources). Particularly, read the page SHRM and SIOP Mission Focused: Serving HR and I-O Professionals.

Consider these common goals of these two associations, and then review the SHRM-SIOP White Paper Series (linked in the Resources) to see how these two professional organizations have partnered in a practical way.

In your discussion, first address the collaboration between SIOP and SHRM and what impact this partnership has on an HR department in an organization with which you are familiar. Then, focus specifically on the topic of Talent Development, choose one white paper to summarize and share with the class. Why is it important that training evaluation methods are grounded in evidence-based research?

2. One of the roles an I/O psychologist is often asked to fill involves training program evaluation or creation. Consultants Ann Thomas and Juan Olivera, Owners of T&O; Consulting, were hired to evaluate problems at the First National Bank of Bedford Falls. They will both interview three employees on a number of issues related to training and development.

  • View the First National Bank of Bedford Falls video case study (linked in the Resources), which details the training and development issues at the First National Bank of Bedford Falls.

Put yourself in the position of an I/O psychologist who has been asked to assist Ann and Juan with the evaluation of the training program. Propose evidence-based recommendations to improve the training program and to measure its outcomes. In your discussion, using courseroom resources and supplemental library searches of peer-reviewed literature, address the following items:

  • Evaluate the current bank training procedures. What areas of concern do you see? How systemic are the problems? Does the bank have evidence-based methods in place for training and development?
  • Propose an evidence-based design for a training and development program that could be presented to the bank. How will this proposed design measure the outcomes? Ensure that the proposed training design and evaluation are measurable. Discuss how it will address the existing problems in the bank.