2 reading response picture 0857 0866 for the first reading response the rest of picture for the second response i need two assignments 1

the first assignment : Be prepared to discuss the 13 reasons to integrate drama into the classroom (pages 307-313) and the different drama strategies Ms. Cornell used in her lesson on the coral reefs of the Bahamas. (pages 303 – 307)

Write a one page personal response to what you have read. Would you ever use the strategies Ms. Cornell used? Why or why not? Which of the thirteen reasons most resonated with you? Why? Did you ever have a teacher who used drama in the classroom? How did he/she use it?

The second assignment : Please read from “Classroom Drama Hallmarks” through page 320. Answer the following questions in your response.

1. What do we mean by performance based theatre work with students and process based drama work in the classroom?

2. In your own words describe five important drama elements.