3-2 Activity: Group and Cultural Representation


In this module, you learned about identity, groups, culture, prejudice, and stereotypes. You will apply that knowledge to the analysis of your advertisements. For this activity, you will focus on making objective observations about the groups and cultures in your advertisements.


Use the provided Module Three Activity Template Word Document to complete this assignment. First, look closely at your four advertisements and identify the groups and/or cultures present in the ads. Then, make objective observations about them. Finally, reflect on how your beliefs, assumptions, and/or values may have impacted your analysis.

You are not required to answer each question below the rubric criteria, but may use them to better understand the criteria and guide your thinking.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Describe how groups and/or cultures are presented in all your advertisements.

Your analysis is limited to the people in your ads who form groups and/or represent various cultures. Remember, culture is not limited to race and ethnicity. You are not examining settings, logos, taglines, mood/tone, or any other element of the ads. Objectively describe the groups and/or cultures. What characteristics can you objectively observe using your senses?

In this step, do not make interpretations or judgements about the groups and/or cultures.

Describe the representation of stereotypes in all your advertisements.

  • Your analysis is still limited to groups and cultures, but now examine your ads for the presence of stereotypes. You should refer to specific details in the ads that communicate a stereotype. If you do not believe stereotypes are present, you must explain why and provide examples from your ads to support your point.

Discuss how your beliefs, assumptions, and/or values may have influenced how you analyzed your advertisements.

As you’ve learned, your subjective perceptions of the social world are influenced by your attitudes and biases. Check in with yourself. Did you make any assumptions about the groups and/or cultures in your ads? Did past experiences influence how you interpreted the presence or absence of stereotypes?