3 genre models

For this first RIP Writer’s Memo, you will analyze 3 genre models that you will later imitate in your RIP projectFILLER TEXT

  • How do these conventions arise out of a specific context or a specific discourse community? 
  • What purpose do these conventions serve within this context or discourse community?
  • How does each model’s adoption or subversion of these conventions help the text craft a particular message or achieve a particular rhetorical effect?

You may compose this memo in an exploratory style, but please write in complete paragraphs.  Your genre analysis must be at least 500 words.  Upload everything here in a Word document.

Notice: (RIP project is A Project in which you create a multimodal text addressed to an audience of college students, and engage with apocalyptic genre conventions to achieve a specific purpose; and A series of Writer’s Memos where you analyze the rhetorical choices you made in your project, in order to argue for their suitability to your purposes and to demonstrate your awareness of genre and rhetorical situation)

(Further explanation of the Project: Your project may take the form of a written text with images, a website, a podcast, a video, or a game, and it must be addressed to an audience of college students in general