3 pages papers with references on either a leadership or management theory model

Write a minimum of 3 pages papers with References on either a leadership or management theory/model used to support a project or manage people or manage goals.

Note: Times New Roman 12 point font, 1.5” spaced, 1” margins RLTB, graduate level writing – grammar, spelling, punctuation will be graded as well.

1. Describe the Project(See the attachment for project history)

2. Delineate a brief history and describe the leadership or management theory/model you choose. Cite benefits or adverse effects. ( Use the Situational Leadership model)

3. Develop two approaches using the model or theory for managing the project include the context (BSU, Graduate program, etc) and your rationale for selecting the leadership or management theory/model. Support your choice with data, information and/or peer-reviewed articles or journals. (Supporting & Delegating approaches)

4. Conclusion or Recommendation.

5. Cite References using APA Manual (must have at least 3 references)