3 resource pages for physical activity websites 3 resource pages for health websites

Students will develop a technology resource file of Website Resources available and appropriate for teaching physical education and health education, Find three different websites for physical education and three different websites for health education. What is a website? One webpage or article does not make a website. Websites are full of information. View several pages on the website and describe what the entire website includes. The title is usually in the top left corner. Website title appears on every page of cite. 15 points for Academic Writing: Use Proof Read Writing Checklist.  DO NOT use contractions. Write in third person. Write in simple present tense. 15 points for format: Read and use the template to prevent losing 15 points.The file should include the following:  Download template and Save As “yourlastnameWebRE,” Example: oehlrichWebRE  Create in a WORD document, attach in WORD document  READ and follow the instructions in the template.  Use 2.0 line spacing  No extra space after paragraphs or sections  Each website title will be listed on the Table of Contents page  Each website resource begins at the top of a new page, with the title of the website  There is a complete and proper APA citation underneath the title of the page, with hanging indentation.  Hanging indentations are used for the evaluation categories  In addition to the APA Citation for each page, include all Website APA citations on a properly formatted APA Reference page, at the end of the document  3 Resource Pages for Physical Activity websites  3 Resource Pages for Health websites