322 assignment 3 typology 2019 typological analysis compare 3buildingsof the same type from the same or related cultures i e places that hadcultural contactor shared cultural contexts like religion include 4pages total one page including an ove

Typological Analysis:

•Compare 3 buildings of the same type from the same or related cultures (i.e. places that had cultural contact or shared cultural contexts like religion)

• Include 4 pages total: one page including: an overview of the religious/cultural context, the main elements of the typology, and a summary comparison of the examples. The other three pages should each analyze one of the three examples in more depth.

• Create plan, section and/or elevation diagrams showing the evolution/variation of the type.

—-Case Study Options: (You may choose other examples fromsimilar times, places, and cultures)–

•Hindu Temples: Elephanta,Kailasha, Kajaraho, Angkor Wat

•Buddhist Temples: Stupa at Sanchi, Ajanta, Angkor Thom, Borobudur, Horyuji Monastery

•Meso-American Temples: Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tikal, Tenochtitlan

•Greek and Roman Classical Temples: Temple of Hera, Parthenon, Pantheon

•Mosques:The Dome of the Rock, Damascus, Cordoba, Kulliye of Suleiman, Isfahan

•Roman Christian Churches : Dura- Europos , St. Peters Basilica, Hagia Sophia

—Writing and Citations:The text should be about 400-800 words (4-8 pages long with images).—

•Include one page summarizing and comparing the typology (100-200 words).

•Include three separate pages for each of the three case studies (100-200 words each).

•You should use quotes sparingly , less then 5 words at a time, less than 20% of the paper.

•Unless quoting a primary source (from the time),it is best to use your own words.

• You should paraphrase ideas in your own words. Avoid accidently copying from sources.

•You should cite for both quotes and unique facts or ideas not found in most sources.

• Citations should use Chicago style citations from at least 3 sources.

•You may use footnotes or Author- Date style .For style guides for citations see:


•Image Caption: Images should also be cited in the caption including: Image Creator Name First and Last, Image Title, Date (Location i.e. Book Author Name, Title, City:Publisher, Date, page #,or website addres)

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