50 word argument summary and answer to 4 questions of the article “the Indians’ New World: The catawba Experience​”

read the James Merrell article “the Indians’ New World: The catawba Experience” (attatched file)

and write a 50 word argument summary

argument summary requirements:

What makes a good argument summary?

* Include author’s last name only (always use the last name, never only the first name and be sure to use correct spelling)

* Include key terms

* Identify where, when, who (and primary source base if obvious)

* Summarize overall discussion

* Include author’s thesis

* Written clearly and without excess language (relatively brief sentences, each word counts)

* 50-word limit with correct spelling and grammar


Elizabeth Reis, “Gender and the Meanings of Confession,” in Spellbound (1998) Based on court records, Reis argues that seventeenth-century New England women often confessed to witchcraft because they believed that they were inherently wicked, whereas men differentiated between ordinary sins and a pact with the devil. Some women confessed because confessors were kept alive to name others, whereas deniers were executed. (50)

and please answer this 4 questions seperatly

James Merrell,

“The Indians’ New World: The Catawba Experience.” (




1. According to Merrell, why are Native Americans left out of

American history?

2. What are the three factors Merrell’s article explores? What are

the consequences of each and how did they create a new world?

3. What evidence does Merrell offer that the Catawbas retained come cultural


4. What do we know about the origin of the Catawba Nation and

how might their experience be similar or unique in comparison

with other Native American groups?

answer only need few sentences, no need to be too long.