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1. While reflecting on Chapter 13, explain and analyze the issues that cause the most significant conflict in your personal life or work environment.FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXT2. Use textbook terminology to analyze a conflict or repeating pattern of conflict that you have witnessed or unfortunately participated in. Feel free to disguise your comments to maintain privacy.FILLER TEXT    a. Which of the causes listed in the book were at the root of the conflict?FILLER TEXT    b. Which form or forms of conflict were displayed?FILLER TEXT    c. If interpersonal conflict was involved what defense mechanisms were manifested and did you observe these defense mechanisms in use?FILLER TEXT    d. Describe effective and ineffective conflict management techniques that were used during this conflict and the conflict management styles demonstrated. In theFILLER TEXT    end, did the conflict turn out to be dysfunctional or functional?

500 words or more

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