6 pages double spaced

apa style research paper on elderly abuse and how they can be victims. Direct and indirect victims? Is the government involved? How are they treated? What type of crime is this program to help elderly victims?

identify the type of crime and victim it produces ï‚· Look at how the different components of the criminal justice system respond to these individuals ï‚· Discuss any laws and/or programs that have developed or need to be developed in response to these victims ï‚· Give your views and opinions on the subject.

“Your paper will be evaluated based on the originality of the student’s thoughts, how thoroughly each topic is addressed, and the quality of writing. Sources should be documented appropriately. Paraphrasing and quotations must be clearly identified; While the use of the internet is recommended, you are expected to use non-internet sources as well wikipedia is not allowed.”

4. Using the APA style is a key part of doing this assignment and not something “extra.” 5. To use APA style properly, you must give a proper citation for all source material you use and you must include a list of “references” (all the sources you used) at the end of your paper. There are very specific formats for doing both these things and you are expected to follow those. 6. In addition to using APA style, your work should be free of spelling and technical errors. You cannot rely on spell check to do your proofreading for you as the program is not designed to discern between similar words and define all grammatical errors.

that was the instructions