7 questions 2 3 sentences answers each

1. Consider how your audience might influence the information you include in an historical analysis essay about the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

What audience would be most interested in reading about the women’s movement? How would you tailor your presentation to that audience? What message would be most appropriate for this audience?

2, Let’s say the intended audience for your historical analysis essay about the legal battle for women’s suffrage is a group of civil rights lawyers. How would you explain the legal background of the Constitution and the Nineteenth Amendment? How would this approach compare and contrast to an audience of high school students?

3. Was President Kennedy’s decision to support the Equal Rights Amendment a necessary cause for the amendment’s passage by Congress?

4. Was the social tumult of the 1960s a necessary cause of the women’s liberation movement?

5. Simone de Beauvoir was the intellectual founder of the women’s liberation movement. Tailor this thesis statement into a message suitable for an audience of high school history students.

6. The women’s movement’s focus on issues related to sexual freedom, including reproductive rights, galvanized support among many younger women, but it cost the movement support among many older and more socially conservative women. Tailor this message for an audience consisting of students in a Women’s Studies class.


Consider the examples of different audiences below. For each one, describe how you would adjust your writing for that particular audience. Be sure to respond to the question in four to six complete sentences, using proper grammar. Specifically address the following points:

  • How formal should your tone be?
  • What level of detail should you provide?
  • What is this audience looking for in your essay—basic information or detailed arguments?

Type your responses to these questions in the textbox below. When you are finished, click “Submit.” These responses will be graded. After submitting, you can edit your response by clicking “Edit.”

Question 7

  1. Your best friend
  2. People reading a newspaper editorial you’ve written
  3. Your professor
  4. The audience at a conference where you are presenting