8 9 papers food and politics paper

so basically i made interview in a supermarket in Corrados. its a shopping market just like wholefoods. they have local and organic things. so based on this interviews you gonna write a paper


READ the handout Guide to Tables and Charts on Canvas


9. Create visuals (bar or pie charts) for 5 survey questions. Can you create cross

tabulations looking at education versus another variable? What about race and

another variable?

10. Formatting Paper: 6-8 pages (excluding charts), double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12’

Arial font, page numbers bottom center, and a cover page.

Write up the results and include visuals to

display the data (pie or bar charts); see steps 8, 9, 10 above.

Introduction: Include a 1-2 paragraph that places the survey in context. What does

food consumption look like in the town/city under study? What three issue

appear to be of greatest/least concern in the town/city you conducted interviews.


Methods: Explain, when, where, and how you collect the data. Be specific,

providing lots of detail. How many interviews did you conduct and why?

Results: Use overall percentages to report your findings. Write up your results as

follows: “Twenty percent of respondents report they buy organic food. More than

half of interviews said they are Democrats, while 40 percent report identifying as

Independent. Table 1 illustrates consumer views on products.” What did you learn

about food consumption and respondent views? How does this compare to

articles you have read about these topics

? Incorporate 5 (or more) sources to

support or refute your findings. Three (3) of the sources must come from

the class readings)



Conclusion: What was it like talking to, and questioning people about a topic like

this? Is there anything you did not anticipate? What did you learn about food and

politics that you did not know, and what new questions do you have?