a research paper of what you are interested in quantitative methods for finance by using eviews

A research paper of what you are interested in Quantitative Methods for Finance by using Eviews. All requirements are in the Docx. of “Guidelines to conduct empirical research project in finance.”

what I need:

1. A specificTopic and an introduction of Topic:

This introduction should include the specific question you want to study, describe the methodology you will be using, and explain how you are going to obtain the data. The topic should revolve around a multiple regression analysis. Keep this in mind when proposing your topic. no longer than 1 page.

2. Status Report: Introduction and Literature Review:

A draft of your first two sections of the research paper, the introduction and the literature review / economic theory. Please use the guidelines posted in this folder for your reference. For your reference, a rubric similar to the one with which the final submission will be graded is attached. The introduction and literature review / economic theory should be 2-3 pages in the APA format.

3. Status Report: Data Description and Empirical Analysis:

Including tables for the data description and the preliminary empirical regression results from Eviews. Supplement them with a brief paragraph each describing your work and summarizing your preliminary findings. How many pages based on your topic and work.

Please finish above 3 works in 5 days. Before 16:00 PM, Nov.26th,2019.

4. Final Paper:

The first two sections of a research paper typically contain an introduction as well as a review and discussion of the relevant

literature and economic theory.

  • Introduction. The introduction briefly presents the problem you are interested in, concisely describes your data and the method of analysis, and summarizes your main conclusions.
  • Discussion of Relevant Literature and Economic Theory. This section describes closely related previous studies on your topic and summarizes any relevant economic theory. The length of this section depends on the scope of the paper; for a term paper this section might be fairly short. Next, main part.
  • Data Description:This section provides the details of the data sources, any transformations you have done to the data (for example, changing the units of some variables), gives a table of summary statistics (means and standard deviations) of the variables, and provides scatterplots and/or other relevant plots of the data.
  • Empirical Results: Outcomes of your regression analysis. In the final paper, present in essay form including the proper regression tables and other supporting material.
  • Summary and Discussion: This section summarizes your main empirical findings and discusses their implications for the original question of interest.
  • The final paper should at least 10 pages, no longer than 15 pages. APA format. More details are in the document of “Guidelines to conduct empirical research project in finance.”
  • Please finish the Final Paper in next 8 days, before Dec.4th,2019.
  • Please offer all the data documents like original data excels and your work excels or writing draft .
  • Please post your processing so that I can follow you to exercise, communicate with me for any difficulty.