accy6501 accounting information system

The project includes researching and presenting a recommended plan of action to a management team that is faced with an AIS related business problem. Try to make the scenario as realistic and relevant as possible. You are an employee or a consultant advising management of a firm. You can fill in the blanks as you desire.

A few requirements to keep in mind when selecting from the above options:

  • Topics covered throughout the semester should be incorporated into the business problem and/or solutions proposed.
  • In-class presentation (20 – 30 minutes) must include background information on the company, the issue faced, proposed solutions/enacted solutions, expected/actual outcomes.
  • The topic MUST include a flowchart detailing the process described.
  • Use of at least one technology we have reviewed in class is required (Alteryx, IDEA, Tableau, or Advanced Excel) to be utilized in either the presentation or solution.