add sentences to part 2 to make it 15 20 sentences per question

Hi, I already have this study guide done, I just need the part 2 questions to each have 15-20 sentences of information.

Here is the original assignment:

Answer the question in the Word file and use the book found in the link.

Directions: Be prepared to answer the following questions. Answer the question completely and include some discussion of primary sources, where appropriate, to support your answer.

  • What was the pater familias? What role did this concept have in Roman society?
  • Describe life in the city of Rome. Would you have liked to have lived there?
  • What factors led to the decline of the Republic?
  • Why was the senate hostile to Caesar?
  • Describe the influence of The Greeks and Etruscans on Rome
  • Do you think Octavian earned his title of ‘Augustus’?
  • Why did the philosophy of stoicism become popular in the Roman world?
  • Describe the development of Christianity in the first century CE.

These questions I want each answer about 15 to 20 sentences for each question