admn 703 lingning case study

From Gold Medal to no man’s land (Reuters) (Links to an external site.)

Neither good nor cheap (Links to an external site.)

Li Ning’s Road to Redemption (Forbes) (Links to an external site.)

Dwayne Wade and Li Ning (ESPN) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Back to the Future for Li Ning? (Wharton) (Links to an external site.)

Li Ning Today (BoF) (Links to an external site.)

Resetting on Design (Links to an external site.)

Sustainable turn around or anomaly? (Links to an external site.)

A return to North American retail

These are all the materials that the professor gave for the case study, you can start the analysis with these information, and I will give an example about the case study, please read it carefully since it’s the thing that professor really want. Your task in this deliverable is to identify the key strategic issue or challenge in the case and supplementary materials, use the frameworks and tools learned in class to analyze this issue, and provide original, well-supported, managerially actionable recommendations to the company. One problem is that the textbook is unable to be sent so you may need to find it yourself: THIRD EDITION Strategic Management Frank T. Rothaermel. And please try your best to limit the whole paper in two pages and give one or two pages of exhibits if possible. Thank you!