advocacy essay

The purpose of an advocacy essay is raise awareness on a social issue and to call for action. For this assignment, critically analyze how the journalist reports the issue. Taking the newspaper article as a starting point, take a position on the issue and argue for it by drawing from at least 2 analytical concepts or reading strategies such as “narrative of rescue,” “racial democracy,” “nation of immigrants,” “relational racial formation,” “whose vision?” etc. You are also required to cite one academic source that helps you to frame the main arguments of your paper.

1) Include at least one close reading of an excerpt from the newspaper article.

2) Clearly state the issue you are advocating for and its importance in the introductory paragraph.

3) Provide background story and details about your issue in the body of the essay.

4) State, support, and explain the position that you are advocating for.

5) Length: 700-800 words. Please provide a word count at the end of your paper.

“Why Are People Protesting in Hong Kong?” The New York Times, November 13, 2019.