afa3104e term paper

In writing your essays, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Essays should be double spaced, approximately 1000-1500 words in 12-point type.
  2. Please use a simple, clean font such as Times New Roman or Palatino. Use 1-inch margins on all sides.
  3. Please be sure to follow APA STYLE…
  4. Essays are to be written following the rules of correct grammar and spelling, both of which will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the essay.
    1. Be sure to proofread your essays as grammar and spell checks typically do not catch words used in incorrect contexts.
  5. Essays must be original and analytical and must be careful to include well-thought-out responses to the questions posed in the assignment.
  6. A minimum of three Academic sources is required.
  7. You must give specific examples from the secondary and/or primary sources used in the development of the paper and must cite these sources following the APA style. Find examples here
  8. Please limit your use of direct quotations ( no more than 2) and use APA style guidelines for citation.
  9. Essays must be submitted Online in Microsoft Word Format. through the Blackboard Assignment Submission Portal
  10. Similarity Score must be below 30% for full Credit. Similarity Scores above 50% will not be accepted (References not included in similarity score)


  1. What were various solutions proposed to deal with the problem of slavery in the territories? How did sectionalism and disputes between states rights and federal government rights lead to the Civil War.? Also describe the role of Abolitionist, Free Blacks, and Southerners in escalating of the conflicts. Finally, discuss what actually caused the Civil War
  2. What were the major problems for African Americans in the south after Reconstruction? What was the significance of lynching and the terrorism used by Whites? How did the Jim Crow laws affect black social and political progress? What were efforts made by governments and activist to stop lynching and Jim Crow?
  3. Compare and contrast the philosophies of Booker T Washington and W.E.B Du Bois. What were the similarities and differences in their approaches to the conditions of Blacks
  4. Discuss the civil rights movement. What civil rights did blacks achieve? How did the Civil Rights Movement Change over time? Compare and Contrast the different approaches to Civil Rights issues. Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful? Explain your position


Students may create their own topic for the writing assignment. In order to do this the student must submit a proposal which includes

1) A TOPIC ( Subject must relate to the course)

2) Please be sure to include 4 SUB-QUESTIONSIONS That THE STUDENT WILL ANSWER in his or her essay

3) Why this topic is important

Proposals should be no more than 150 words and should be emailed to Professor by 03/10/19 for approval.

The Essay will be graded in the following format.

Organization and APA Formatting: 20 Points for the proper organization (Following all the above instructions and making sure you’re your paper is in exact APA Format and STYLE)

Content and Originality: 20 Points for covering the correct content ( Answering the Questions correctly and Safe Assign Score Must be below 30% A penalty of -10 Points for every 10% above 30% Threshold ( Not including Reference List or Title Page)

Sources and Citations: 20 Points for using and citing 3 quality “Academic” sources ( No Wikipedia)

Grammar: 20 Points for correct grammar and punctuation ( Negative 5 points for grammatical errors)

Word Count: 10 Points For meeting the word requirement (1000-1500 Words) (-5 points for every 50 Words under 1000 or over 1500)

Deadline:10 Points for meeting the assignment deadline ( -2.5 points for everyday past the deadline) Paper 1 Due Date 11/01/19